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You’re so lucky! I love Hermosa- no AC needed.

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SF says

I understand you’re trying to stretch numbers and create a bit of a debate here but these numbers definitely aren’t for a middle class family. They’re in the high end of all categories and would be nothing but very high upper middle class, borderline wealthy.

I live in a 1 br apartment in a nice neighborhood in SF (wife, no kids), takes two annual overseas vacations, have expensive hobbies but try to be aware of costs in everyday life. Annual spending $70k. Add in your childcare expenses, another room in the apartment and scale up the rest of the costs for total annual costs of ~120k. This is what I would consider a very good middle-class life, although living in a smaller space than the average american (it’s a city after all….). This is about 50k cheaper than your family above and not even trying to live especially frugal.

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No problem. Enjoy your freedom now and get back to me when you have one or two kids and let me know how your costs change. I think you’ll enjoy another post about the cost of private school, if that is a consideration.

If you’re happy with renting forever, that is cool as well. However, I would say over 80% of people who have children no longer want to rent because they want to have more control and stability.

Who knows the future. But it’s worth planning for it.


Mike H says

San Fran sounds like a real rip-off. I have been casing out the cost of living in the UAE (Abu Dhabi) and it’s a case of ‘mining the miners’ for professional employees living here. Rent for a 2-3BR apartment can easily go to $50K USD a year and other fees add up quickly, international school can easily run $20K per child. True there is no income tax as of yet, but the curse of being an American citizen means that you are taxed on worldwide income even as a non-resident (an honor that we only share with Eritrea) however in all fairness we do get the break of the foreign earned income exclusion at $103K of the lowest taxed income in 2018. So that means figure another 20% to be sent to Uncle Sam while all the other citizens are able to save that or use it for consumption. At some point one begins to question if it is even worth the effort…

Since you have a location independent business, that scores another point for packing up and moving to HI sooner rather than later.




For me I can’t put my finger on quite the right word but I have something between imagination and this ultra “real” factor. I know a lot of people appreciate my level of candor and that while it’s super important to me I don’t let personal feelings cloud it (typically). I also know that it doesn’t float well with some who might prefer to coast by without knowing the truth. So maybe trust ranks up there for me?!

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Alright I couldn’t wait I jumped on the opportunity to take the test and I am so not surprised by my traits of Mystique Rebellion. I was so riveted hearing Sally talk about and point on some very specific traits I know myself to have. I can’t wait to delve in more! My dormant was Passion and again no surprise there, being so reserved even when I feel passion it’s hard for others to tell!

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Thank you Marie, Thank you Sally! This video and How to Fascinate is rocking my world:) I have taken lots of personality tests and branding tests before, including Meyers-Briggs and Reach 360. NONE of them have been able to effectively articulate anything that truly defined me or offered any next steps. In addition, the visual design elements and delivery of the information is TOP-NOTCH girl! Marie teams up with best, yet again!:) Go Sally, you hired the right design team to deliver your fabulous research to a design deprived market. Who wants to look at boring graphs and outdated graphics when you can have a killer customized report complete with videos. FAB!

I tested as a Trendsetter with a high streak of rebellion + prestige. My branding and approach is finally making some logical sense. It all makes sense. I’m attracted to Marie for her awesome, talented uniqueness and to Sally for her fascinating catalyst-ness.

Thank you for inspiring me to keeping adding more scoops of pistachio to my ice-cream sundae. Loved everyone’s comments too!


Totally could not wait to take the fascination test. I’m the Trendsetter – spot on description of my personality! Thanks for sharing Sally’s work with us, Marie!


Hey Marie,

Many thanks Marie and Sally.Excellent video.Absolutely loved the content.My personality is bit of catalyst type.Passion+out of box thinking.

I under graduated in dentistry.But soon found out that it is not that resonates with my inner personality-Out of box thinking,Defy the odds. So i started our own Health Music company-Social BrainGym app with a vision of removing stress from modern world and in future to remove some of pain killing drugs

Many thanks once again was very inspiring and has pumped me to start with some different and unique idea.

God Bless, Amit.


I absolutely loved this video. It was very insightful and thought provoking. Thank you for it.


Mark Wilson/Getty


My Hero!

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Asawin Suebsaeng

Mark Wilson/Getty

When the White House backed off its efforts to dump Sebastian Gorka on another federal agency, the controversial counterterrorism advisor had the president himself to thank, The Daily Beast has learned.

After news emerged last week that the Trump administration was Jimmy choo Suede Lucy Ballerina Flats FufqpOzUk
the British-born national security aide out of the White House, President New Look PUZZLE High heeled sandals black FhHSY
and his chief strategist Kanna ARIEL Mules tejano JszvrII
“personally intervened” to put a halt to Gorka’s White House eviction, two senior administration sources said.

Last Friday, The Daily Beast broke the news that the Trump administration had been actively exploring options to remove Gorka from the West Wing, where he serves as “deputy assistant” to the president, and place him at another federal agency. News of Gorka’s looming departure from the White House came amid security clearance issues and a mounting controversy over his involvement with a far-right Hungarian group notorious for its collaboration with the Nazi regime during the World War II. Gorka also holds fringe, clash-of-civilization views that many have criticized as anti-Muslim and extreme.

Senior administration sources described the situation to The Daily Beast last week as “a pain in the ass,” and said that Gorka—“biding his time” on the federal payroll—had virtually zero substantive duties at the White House or role in its decision-making or national-security policy decisions.

inRead invented by Teads

However, Gorka owes his continued presence in the White House to President Trump himself, who views him as a robust communicator of the administration’s anti-terrorism, anti-ISIS policies, particularly on conservative radio and TV interviews.

Gorka and Bannon are close. They worked together at Breitbart News—the far-right Trump-boosting outlet that Bannon once ran as a “dictator,” according to former employees—where Gorka served as national security editor even as he was also a paid consultant for the Trump campaign.

As the White House explored alternative employment for Gorka, staffers there dropped hints to other agencies that he was in Trump’s good graces. According to a senior administration official, who described the comment as a subtle suggestion that Gorka should be given a post in the official’s office, the White House referred to Gorka in those interagency communications “a friend of the president.”

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05 de julio de 2018
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Servicios de utilidad

MARSèLL Vernice derby shoes qEgmR
Arrestada por protestar en la Estatua de la Libertad.

Dos oficiales se han acercado para agarrarla mientras se aferraba al lado inclinado de la estatua

Evo Morales, tras la operación.

El presidente de Bolivia fue intervenido tras serle detectado un pequeño tumor durante una revisión

Nahles interviene en el Bundestag, con Merkel y Seehofer al fondo.

El SPD se opone a la creación de los denominados "centros de tránsito"

afp / mae sai

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La marina tailandesa ha publicado un vídeo en el que los menores aparecen en buen estado de salud

Como consecuencia de un bombardeo de un 'dron' estadounidense el pasado martes

El presidente habría alegado cuestiones de seguridad nacional, según han asegurado medios estadounidenses

La anciana, que planeó el asesinato durante días, escondió dos pistolas en los bolsillos de su bata

El Gobierno norteamericano presiona a sus aliados para que aumenten su gasto en Defensa

Malgoratza Gersdorf llega al Tribunal Supremo entre partidarios.

El Parlamento de Rumanía despenaliza en parte el abuso de poder en otra polémica reforma penal

estrasburgo / oviedo

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La Eurocámara aprobó ayer una reforma de la ley electoral de la UE que obligará a España a establecer un umbral...

afp/ciudad de guatemala

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El número inicial de 197 aumenta tras un cotejo de información entre varias instituciones

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