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Getting consistently above 300k networth increase per year is a preferred goal for me. Family Household income plus networth increase above 300k already has has been done. Haven’t done household income above 300k, by itself. My preference would be for networth increases, by itself, to be consistently above 300k. Think I could do that before the household number. Consistent 300k networth increase in one year is a nice goal.


Brandon wood says

I don’t live in SF and I’d be a bit shell shocked if I needed 300k to do well. However, I don’t disagree with the above example but there are some clear luxuries that aren’t really middle or upper middle class. A luxury SUV? It can’t be a used pilot/Highlander it has to be a Swedish 60k SUV ? The food budget is out of control. Moreover, what’s the point of having a remodeled kitchen in a 1.5 million dollar home if as another poster above replied “parents aren’t home till 730 so there’s no time to preheat an oven and make a meal”.. it sort of feels the point of living is being missed. If having to eat take out every night at 8pm because there’s no time to cook or enjoy your kitchen is happiness then that is sad. But hey who am I to judge? There is more then one way to live life and hopefully be happy.

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For those who doubt Sams numbers but don’t live in bay area, we do live here and his numbers are right in the ballpark. Our spend is ~$13K/month, and we don’t even have cable or Netflix! Our only kid goes to public school, we cook most of our meals, we have 2003 minivan + 2005 prius. The only extravagant things we do is 3 vacations a year which costs ~$20K/year, but we don’t stay at four seasons or eat in nice restaurants, more than half of the $20K are just airline tickets + car rental + cheapest airbnb we can find, and even if we vacation in northern Cal or Yosemite, it wouldn’t be that much different because of the high costs in Cali,

So where do the money go? They’re very similar to Sam’s itemized numbers. Yeah we can cut out the vacations all together and replace them with day trips and staycations, for the next 20 years. Then why live here at all? Might as well move somewhere half the costs, with must less interesting jobs, and retire early. But unfortunately that’s not something we want to do.


Willow says

AST Dongle Value:

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Marta dejó a Xavi después de un año de relación de idas y venidas porque no sentía lo que se supone que tenía que sentir. Automáticamente, él la eliminó de su lista de amigos de Facebook , la dejó de seguir en Instagram y la bloqueó en WhatsApp : No lo hizo por despecho; sencillamente él estaba muy enganchado a ella y creyó que lo mejor para olvidarla era el contacto cero, el no saber absolutamente nada de su vida, aunque no acabara de entender del todo qué había pasado.

Así fueron transcurriendo los meses y Xavi fue superando poco a poco la ruptura. Era inevitable tener a Marta en la cabeza, pero el no verle la cara, la sonrisa, los sitios a los que iba o la música que escuchaba, ayudaba bastante, la verdad.

Las redes sociales por su naturaleza de conectar a nuestro entorno pueden acabar mostrando fotos o datos de nuestras antiguas parejas que no esperamos

Hasta que un día Xavi abrió su Instagram y ¡zas! En su voluntad de borrar a Marta de su vida, se había olvidado de un pequeño detalle: dejar de seguir a Mireia, la mejor amiga de Marta, que acababa de publicar una foto de un grupo de personas en una barbacoa. En ella aparecía una sonriente Marta besando en la boca a un chico. A Xavi le dio un vuelco el corazón, después vino una bocanada de rabia y más tarde llegó la tristeza, que le hizo pasar dos semanas tirado como una colilla en casa, otras tantas como un zombi en el trabajo y muchas más noches en vela.

Marta y Xavi no existen. Pero su historia es todo un clásico en la calle (¿te has sentido identificado?). Y cómo no, en las consultas de los psicólogos, como en la de Thais Ribó, que a diario se encuentra con la piedra (o, mejor dicho, el pedrusco) de las redes sociales en el camino de la curación de las rupturas sentimentales: “Cada caso es un mundo, cierto, no es lo mismo una relación que ha terminado bruscamente, por engaño o traición, que una ruptura de mutuo acuerdo. Pero en el inicio del proceso de duelo, por muy bien que hayamos quedado con nuestro ex, lo más saludable es bloquear cualquier comunicación con él/ella.

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Cardmember Information | Bean Bucks™ Balance | Access Your Mastercard Account

If you recently received a notice that your L.L.Bean Visa is being replaced with an L.L.Bean Mastercard, you can learn more about changes to your account below. The L.L.Bean account must be open, and in good standing for these changes to apply. All cardmembers, see below for details on how to make payments.

1.) Your new L.L.Bean Mastercard(s) will arrive in July via mail.

Your new L.L.Bean Mastercard(s) will arrive in July via mail.

1. Keep using your L.L.Bean Visa Card(s) until your new card arrives.

2. When your new L.L.Bean Mastercard arrives, sign and activate online at , or by phone at 877-256-9995. Please destroy your L.L.Bean Visa Card(s) when your new L.L.Bean Mastercard arrives.

3. Contact your service providers and online merchants that bill your credit card account (like memberships and subscriptions, your utility or phone bill, etc.) to notify them of your new account number.

2) Can I still manage my account online?

Yes, by logging in at on or after June 18, 2018, registering with Citibank and providing a new username and password to manage your account online. If you pay your monthly L.L.Bean credit card bill with your checking, savings or money market account you will need to reestablish this on .

3) Do I need to cancel my L.L.Bean Visa Card or reapply for a new card?

No need to cancel or reapply. Keep using your L.L.Bean Visa Card until you receive your new L.L.Bean Mastercard. As long as the account is open, eligible and in good standing, you will receive a new L.L.Bean Mastercard issued from Citibank in July, 2018.

4) Will my new L.L.Bean Mastercard have a different account number?

Yes. Your new L.L.Bean Mastercard, and any other cards on the account, will have a new account number.

5) When will my L.L.Bean Visa Card stop working?

When your new L.L.Bean Mastercard arrives and is activated, your L.L.Bean Visa Card will no longer be valid and should be destroyed.

6) What will happen to the balance(s) on my L.L.Bean Visa Card?

Any unpaid balance(s) on your L.L.Bean Visa Card will automatically transfer to your new L.L.Bean Mastercard account.

7) Who should I make payments to?

Make your payment using one of the following options:

Note – For cardmembers with a payment due date of June 14-17, 2018, please make your payment using one of the following options:

8) Will my payment due date change?

Your payment due date may change. Be sure to note the new date from the first statement you receive from Citibank.

9) Will my APRs change?

No, your APRs will not change as a result of your current card being replaced with your new L.L.Bean Mastercard.

10) What are my rewards and will I still get Free Shipping at L.L.Bean?

With your new L.L.Bean Mastercard, your rewards have been improved, and will not expire as long as your card is open, in good standing and used at least once every 24 months. See Cloud Womens Aline Sneaker wbWgKyW
for additional information. Starting June 18, 2018, you will earn Bean BucksSM in the following amounts when you use your new L.L.Bean Mastercard:

And you’ll still enjoy all these great benefits at L.L.Bean:

11) Will I still earn $10 L.L.Bean Coupons?

No. As of June 18, 2018, you will earn Bean Bucks. Bean Bucks are earned on every eligible purchase per the rewards earn rates noted above. You now may use Bean Bucks in any amount, and you don’t have to wait until you reach a $10 threshold. They will not expire as long as your card is open, in good standing and used at least once every 24 months.

12) How are Bean Bucks different from $10 L.L.Bean Coupons?

Bean Bucks are an improved way to get rewards from L.L.Bean:

1. While $10 L.L.Bean Coupons expire after 12 months, Bean Bucks will not expire as long as your card is open, in good standing and used at least once every 24 months.

2. You can use Bean Bucks in any amount towards an L.L.Bean purchase so you no longer have to wait to earn a $10 L.L.Bean Coupon. They will not expire as long as your card is open, in good standing and used at least once every 24 months.

13) What happens to my current Coupon Dollars or available $10 L.L.Bean Coupons?

As of June 18, 2018, the value of your available $10 L.L.Bean Coupons and Coupon Dollars balance will convert to Bean Bucks automatically.

For example:

14) How do I check my Bean Bucks balance, or redeem my Bean Bucks?

On June 18, 2018, your Bean Bucks will be available for use at, in-store or by phone. You can also locate your balance by going to Ancient Greek Sandals Anaxo Sandal 3wBTzl
or reviewing your statement

15) Are there any other changes to the reward program?

As of June 18, 2018 you will earn 4% (previously 10%) on L.L.Bean Outdoor Discovery School purchases made with your L.L.Bean Mastercard. Donations of L.L.Bean $10 Coupons to the National Park Foundation will no longer be possible after June 1, 2018.

Still have questions? Call 866-484-2614.

As of June 14, 2018, the L.L.Bean credit card program will be transferred to Citibank, N.A. Citibank, N.A., will be the owner and issuer of your L.L.Bean credit card account. In connection with the change in ownership, any reference in your L.L.Bean credit card account agreement (“card agreement”) to “we”, “us” or “our” means Citibank, N.A., the issuer of your account. Citibank, N.A. is located in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. Any reference in the card agreement that contains contact information for the card issuer (for example, an address or phone number) is replaced with the following: Call us at 866-484-2614 or write Citibank at PO Box 6742, Sioux Falls, SD 57117-6742, USA.

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